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Asparagus Avgolemono

The first official soup of spring is here!

When Wiley lent me his Moosewood Simple Suppers cookbook, this recipe was dog-eared. “It’s so easy,” he said. “And so, so good.”

There were two things about this that appealed to me: One, that it featured asparagus, and two, that it was based on the classic Greek lemon/rice soup called avgolemono.

Turns out, Wiley was right on both accounts. This soup consisted of just a handful of ingredients: vegetable broth, orzo, asparagus, dill, egg, lemon juice, and three steps.

When my dinner companion found out I was making an avgolemono, he literally cheered, as it was one of his favorite foods as a child. We made a funny pair of judges: He, the avgolemono lover, and I, the avgolemono novice.

And the verdict?

“Could use more lemon,” he said. “But yum.”

“Yum, indeed,” I said. “But where’s the salt and pepper?”

Want to make it? Here’s one that’s similar, albeit a bit more complicated: Asparagus and Dill Avgolemono (from Gourmet via epicurious.com)

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It’s here!

I seriously feel like bringing out a bottle of bubbly.

Yesterday, I finally crossed paths with asparagus at the farmers market.

Tonight, I cook.

Tomorrow, I post.

Stay tuned…

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To the untrained eye, it looks like spring is right around NYC’s corner. You’ve got sunny days, birds, little buds of green dotting tree branches. But as anyone who’s lived here for more than one spring knows you should still wear shoes that require socks. Don’t pack away the duvet just yet. And, it’s still cool enough at night to want to hold a warm bowl of hearty soup in your hands.

I went to Wiley’s for dinner and he made an amazing Arugula, Potato, and Bread Soup. The culinary nerd in me was excited for two main reasons: I’d never had bread soup before, and when Wiley’s cooking, you know you are going to leave happy.

Admittedly, I was too busy probing the other dinner guest for travel hints of spending a weekend in Montauk to watch this soup come to life. But as evidenced by how much time Wiley spent chatting with up (a lot) and how much time he spent in front of the stove (not a lot), I’d venture to say this soup was a pretty easy one to make.

The recipe was from a Lidia Bastianich cookbook (I’m pretty sure it was this one), which is appropriate because bread soup is a classic Italian family supper meal. Perfect for a laid-back Sunday evening, don’t you think?

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